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A comforting experience for parents & little ones, encompassing bonding, interaction & playful stimulation.
Well researched and proven methods to assist infants/toddlers to reach their milestones & accelerate their physical, intellectual, emotional & social development.

Of equal importance, jimbaleenas offers parents the opportunity to gather support from others in a safe and non-judgemental environment.We offer unique programs which are age appropriate for each developmental stage; courses start from as early as 4 weeks old & extend to the age of 2.

Class sizes are purposefully kept small in order to ensure everyone receives quality attention.

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Infant massage course (from 4 weeks up to 1 year)

Infant development and stimulation classes (from 6 weeks up to walking)

Toddler adventure play & fun learning classes (walking up to 2 years)

Infant massage promotes nurturing touch, communication and bonding. It improves your baby’s sleep patterns and relieves discomfort caused by colic, tummy and teething issues.

Massage is a wonderful experience for both parent and child. It is a special time to communicate both verbally and non-verbally, so that your baby feels loved, valued and respected.

This 4 week course will help you to get to know your baby, encourage relaxation, improve blood circulation, digestion and muscle development. The massage also boosts the immune system and your confidence as a parent.

Learn how to effectively stimulate your baby with age appropriate activities that develop the senses, strengthen their muscles and give your child the best possible learning foundation.

The classes involve meaningful interactions which in turn strengthens the special relationship between parent and baby.Join our short courses and watch your baby play, learn and grow as they move from one developmental stage to the next.

The courses are divided into the following stages: Littlies (6weeks-sitting); ??? (sitting-crawling); Crawlers (crawling-cruising); Cruisers (cruising-walking)

Please check available course dates and times below or contact Claudia for more information.

New activities and adventures for your toddler to explore. Our fun classes will keep your toddler stimulated while building self-esteem & positively impact their emotional development and learning ability.

Children learn how to cooperate, play together, share, interact and socialise. All you need to bring is your child’s energy and natural enthusiasm.

Please check available course dates and times below or contact Claudia for more information.